More-than-human Actors in Management

This page collects resources on the intersections of management research, teaching, and practice and more-than-human actors, legal personhood for nature entities, the rights of nature movement, and related phenomena.


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  • Happy the Elephant Has Lawyers Arguing to Free Her From the Zoo: Lawsuits also argue that lakes and wild rice have legal rights, too
    • Missouri bill seeks to block people from suing on behalf of ecosystems
    • Idaho passed a bill that bans environmental elements, artificial intelligence, nonhuman animals, and inanimate objects from gaining personhood
    • Orange County, Florida voters approved a county charter amendment in Nov 2020 giving rights to local bodies of water. State of Florida now argues a bill signed into law in June 2020 prohibited local government entities like counties from granting legal rights to plants, animals, or bodies of water. Proponents of the county amendment plan to argue the Florida constitution empowers local government entities to pass laws to protect nature, which includes the rights in the Nov 2020 amendment.

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“In 2015, Judge Elena Liberatori ruled in favour of Sandra, a 33-year-old orangutan kept in an Argentinian zoo, granting her legal personhood” (Tallberg, García-Rosell, and Haanpää, 2022 in Journal of Business Ethics). News coverage:

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