Replication in Strategic Management Journal

New paper suggests the field of strategy is vulnerable to a replication crisis. Publication standards need to change to require data disclosure and facilitate replication.

  • Bergh, D. D., Sharp, B. M., Aguinis, H., & Li, M. (2017). Is there a credibility crisis in strategic management research? Evidence on the reproducibility of study findings. Strategic Organization, 15(3), 423–436.

Authors attempted to replicate 88 studies published in Strategic Management Journal. About 70% of articles did not provide enough data to replicate findings.

Of the 30% of articles that provided enough data to be retested, about 33% included statistically significant hypotheses that did not replicate. Far more significant results were found insignificant than vice versa.


Circular supply chains and rising costs

About half of global paper is made from recycled fiber, making pulp and paper one of the few industries currently achieving some degree of circularity.

However, even this industry is facing supply constraints due to ever-growing paper demand. When demand for recycled fiber increases, either profit margins on recycled paper made from that fiber go down or the price of recycled paper goes up. Both results challenge the circular supply chain.

These dynamics suggest the difficulty of deploying circular supply chains in other industries. Initial promises of lower supply costs can be challenged by increased demand for recycled paper or by coordination costs in organizing the circular supply chain.