Big Data for Big Problems

This page collects subject information on the application of data, remote sensing, AI, and machine learning to social problems, especially natural resource management and conservation.

Data in Action

  • Nowhere to hide: Using satellite imagery to estimate the utilisation of fossil fuel power plants [link]
  • Google and the United States government National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association detect humpback whales with a convolutional neural network [link]
  • Global Fishing Watch anonymized AIS data for training fishing models [link]
  • Protecting the World’s Oceans with Open Data Science [link]

Cutting Edge

  • Google AI for Social Good
  • Microsoft AI for Good includes sub-projects
    • AI for Earth
    • AI for Humanitarian Action
    • AI for Accessibility
  • Mechanism Design for Social Good [link]: “The “Mechanism Design for Social Good” research agenda is to find problems where insights from algorithms, optimization, and mechanism design have the potential for significant societal impact.”



  • Use satellite data to track the human footprint in the Amazon rainforest [link]
  • Sea lion population count [link]
  • Segment salt deposits beneath the Earth’s surface [link]
  • Detect and classify fish species [link]

Kaggle Subject Pages