The Week in Sustainable Business News

The political right continues its turn toward engaging in climate policy. On Feb 13 the right-leaning Climate Leadership Council released its Bipartisan Climate Roadmap, offering both a compliment and substitute to the left-leaning Citizens’ Climate Lobby‘s Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend’s Act. However, Republican lawmakers continue to face resistance within their party. Grist published a guide to determining if a Republican is serious about climate action. Some questioned the science behind the plan to plant a trillion trees President Trump mentioned in his State of the Union address to Congress.

In the same week the Financial Times asked if greenwashing is a “necessary evil,” oil giant BP announced plans to become net-zero on carbon and a group of firms that relies on soybean inputs announced they will pay Brazilian farmers not to convert the Cerrado grassland into soybean fields.

The future of oil continues to be uncertain. Plastic bans in China threaten a major source of oil demand. One-third of oil assets might be stranded. The concept of a “stranded fossil state” emerged with concern about what Venezuela and other nations with oil-dependent budgets will do in a world with too much oil supply.

The Church of England adopted a net zero target for 2030. Airports around the world are threatened by sea-level rise. The concrete industry continues grappling with its emissions problem, this time with plans to grow bricks.

Canada could gain increased agricultural capabilities from climate change, but at the expense of natural systems and people around the world.

We’re learning more about nature’s tipping points, even as we push past potential points of no return.


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