Reviewing Harvard Business School

A new book critiquing Harvard Business School has generated book reviews worth reading. The book is probably good, too 🙂

WSJ published two letters responding to Stewart’s review. The contrast is wonderful:

Regarding Matthew Stewart’s review of Duff McDonald’s “The Golden Passport” (Books, April 22): Mr. McDonald should be ashamed of himself for degrading one of the world’s great schools. I commend Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria for his decision not to waste the staff’s time talking to Mr. McDonald or his associates.

HBS is certainly not a magic cure-all. However, it provided many of us with essential skills. These include critical thinking and decision-making, effective verbal and written communication, and time management with a constant work overload. These skills are valuable regardless of one’s occupation. In fact, the military had the largest single contingent in my class.

Edward R. Frick

Pinehurst, N.C.

Matthew Stewart’s review reminds me of an observation a very successful HBS classmate of mine made at our 40th reunion regarding the most valuable lesson he learned during our two years: He would never hire a Harvard M.B.A.

David M. Hirsch, HBS M.B.A., ’67

Providence, R.I.

The book:

The Golden Passport

Harvard Business School, the Limits of Capitalism, and the Moral Failure of the MBA Elite

by Duff McDonald

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